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There is no denying that most Hiphop artists in the city currently are latching on to the trap sound to the extent where a whole project is made up of nothing but trap. There are a few who are going against the grain; One of them being CrownedYung.

Crowned Yung’s ‘Dirtbin’ adds a certain level of sentimentality to a genre that seems to strives off braggadocio and aggression. Don’t get it twisted and assume that his sentimentality is a weakness though because it is not. It is in fact a strength. This sentimentality is the reason he is able to sincerely embody his struggles and aspirations in a way that not only entertains the listener but also in a way that captivates the listener.

Sonically, ‘Dirtbin’ mostly has tracks that are more synonymous with RnB and Alternative. This says a lot about CrownedYung’s musical palate because rather than sticking to the typical Hiphop sounds, he also dabbles with contemporary RnB sounds. Songs like ‘On You’, ‘One Time’, ‘Malva Pudding’ and ‘No More’ see Crowned focus on his singing. Songs like ‘Bhenga Mabhebeza’, ‘S.S.I.A.S’, ‘The Shit’, ‘Cookie Jar’ and ‘Going North’, ‘To The Rent’ see Crowned focus more on rapping. He swings in and out of singing and rapping with a level of comfortable confidence that saves his flow from being pedestrian. There aren’t a lot of features on this besides the guys under his stable Select Play. It makes sense since ‘Dirtbin’ is his first project. Making it understandable if he wanted the project to be CrownedYung and not much else. He does however feature Shane Eagle on ‘Malva Pudding’ and Swif on ‘Bhenga Mabhebeza’.

‘Dirtbin’ is a testament to Hiphop’s changing times and an impressive offering from CrownedYung. If Hiphop was a kingdom, this offering would be that of a young prince who wanted to prove that he wasn’t crowned young just of birthright but also because he will one day be deserving of the title that comes with being CrownedYung.

Stream ‘Dirtbin’ below or dowload it HERE



On You


1 tym


Malva Pudding feat Tellaman & Shane Eagle


The Shit


Cookie Jar


No More ft Lastee


Bhenga Mabhebeza 2. 0 feat Swif & Beast


Bad Girl


To The Rents feat Tribal


Nothing I Can Do


crownedYung – Going North


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